The Sunbeam 2-in-1 tilt and heat personal heater fan is designed to direct heat exactly where you need it. This fan allows you to direct the air flow with great precision so that it warms or cools the person and not the environment. This wall-mountable heater fan features both a large base for added stability and cool-touch plastic housing for added safety and Peace of mind. The device offers all-in-one personal climate control. When the weather warm, the fan creates A cool breeze. When winter rolls in, This device creates a warm airflow to keep you comfortable.

  • This Dual Comfort Personal Space Heater will warm you up instantly with its adjustable heat settings and tilt adjustable body to direct the heat where you need it.
  • Adjustable thermostat with two heat settings, plus two fan settings. No need to have two appliances as this unit does the job of both heater and fan.
  • Multi Purpose Heater and Fan can be use all year round. It works as a heater during cold months and as a cooling fan during warm months.
  • Personal space heater for under the desk or desktop. Use in any setting home or office or dorm.
  • Sturdy base for added stability with built-in carry handle. Tilt adjustable to adjust the air where you want it.