Pickapeppa Gingery Mango Sauce 5oz (3-Pack) is exploding with deliciously tangy flavor of mangos and ginger, just enough to get your taste buds dancing. 100 percent natural Ingredients. Mango, sugar, vinegar, raisins, ginger, pepper, onions, spices, and sea salt. Pickapeppa sauces are a combination of fine ingredients selected from seven countries to ensure the best possible quality. This blend is then aged in oak barrels for one full year before bottling to ensure the rich flavor that Pickapeppa’s admirers so love. Cane vinegar is used as a preservative.

  • Pack of 3
  • Deliciously tangy flavor, blend of mangos and ginger
  • 100 percent NATURAL lngredients: Mangoes, Sugar, Cane Vinegar, Ginger, Raisins, Onion, Garlic, Sea
  • Product of Jamaica