Size:1 PACK What could be simpler or tastier than this candy made from almonds, honey, pistachios, and egg whites? These nougat bars are made by Chabert et Guillot, based in the town of Montelimar, which has been the capital of nougat making ever since the first almond trees were introduced into the Vivarais region in 1650. These nougat bars are soft because they are made with beaten egg whites. Nougats, like calissons, are one of 13 traditional Christmas desserts in Provence. The remaining 11 are: The "pompe a l'huile" (flat sweet bun made with olive oil), the 4 "beggars" (representing the different catholic orders who vowed of poverty: nuts and hazelnuts for Augustinians, dried figs for the Franciscans, almonds for the Carmelites and raisins for the Dominicans), apple, pear, "verdau" (green melon kept in the grain), black nougat, sorbes, and fresh grapes. These nougat bars are imported from France.

  • Imported straight from France
  • Delicious chewy candy
  • All natural
  • Made in Montelimar, the worldwide capital of nougat