Use Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Sweet Lime Pepper to enliven everything. Try it on corn of the cob - it's surprisingly appropriate! Delicious on salads, fish, and chicken. Just add fresh cilantro when you use it to season a tropical meal, like Mexican, Caribbean, and Central American Cuisine. Works well to enhance your Thai cooking, too. A sprinkle of Jane's Krazy Mixed-up Lime Pepper is a great way to add more pep to a Bloody Mary. Use Jane?s on popcorn, poultry, pizza, beef, pork, fish, burgers, ribs, eggs, mashed, French fired or baked potatoes of any kind, steaks, sandwiches, salads, vegetables, casseroles, gyros, soups, stews?every meal, every dish--where ever you would use table salt, add an extra spark of flavor--pour on the Jane?s!

  • Jane?s is the original ?go anywhere, season anything? seasoning sensation!
  • Liven Up your favorite dishes with this ZESTY, ALL NATURAL Seasoning !!