The Healthiest, Most Soothing Start to Your Day Mother Nature really knows best, and what better way to start your day than with a tea blend that has been hand-picked straight from Nature?s Garden! Heath & Heather Organic Imperial Green Matcha Tea A royal combination of Pure Japanese Matcha Tea, blended with high-grade Sencha Green Tea & a delicate South Indian Green tea, results in a well-balanced blend, with a subtle earthy flavor. Replace caffeine & chemically-induced cheap teas that hurt your health in the long run. Why Choose Our Imperial Tea? 100% ALLERGEN FREE & KOSHER- We are firm believers that some things are meant to be enjoyed like Nature intended to. That?s why there are absolutely no preservatives, artificial flavors or coloring in our teas. SOIL ASSOCIATION & USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC- Bearing the stamp of approval by both the USDA and the Soil Association, all our products are made according to the highest quality standards and are purely organic, through and through. ENERGY & FOCUS WITHOUT SIDE-EFFECTS- The best part of our royal tea blend is that you can reap all the benefits without any of the common side effects of coffee such as getting jittery or ?crashing? Heath & Heather, A Pioneering History in Herbal Fusion Since 1920, Heath & Heather has been a leader in the Herbal Remedies Industry. We?re more than proud to share with you this royal blend of tea and let you discover for yourself, why we are established in the UK as the no.1 Health Sector Tea & Infusion Brand. Click Add To Cart & Enjoy the Finest Collection Of Herbs To Ever Touch Your Cup!

  • 🌿THE AUTHENTIC IMPERIAL MATCHA RECIPE: Combining pure Japanese Green Matcha Tea, with high-grade Sencha Green Tea & a delicate South Indian Green tea, you get our original recipe with the signature earthy flavor. A captivating blend, straight from Mother Nature’s garden.
  • 🌿NATURE’S FINEST INGREDIENTS, IN YOUR CUP: Fully Kosher and allergen-free, our Imperial Matcha Green Tea is the perfect choice for all diets as well as an all-natural way to boost your focus, stay awake and alert while you make the most out of your day.
  • 🌿THE MOST FLAVORFUL & HEALTHY PICK-ME-UP: Start your day or get your afternoon boost in the healthiest of ways. The naturally occurring caffeine along with all the rejuvenating properties of our blends offer you that soothing energy and focus without any jitters, or crashes.
  • 🌿20 TEA BAGS OF PURE GOODNESS: Each box comes with 20 tea bags with a string & a tag. The perfect gift for yourself or any tea-enthusiast, packed with a unique combination of all-natural flavors, with no preservatives, artificial flavors or coloring.
  • 🌿100% USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Heath & Heather is UK’s no.1 tea & herbal infusion brand, and that is because our customer’s health has always been our no.1 priority. Enjoy our 100% Organic, Imperial Matcha Green Tea that proudly bears the USDA & Soil Association Seals of approval.