Gourmanity Calasparra Rice

  • Rey Del Arroz: Arroz Calasparra Paella Rice 1Kg Sack Reserve Rice, Calasparra Rice Paella Rice From Spain, Rice For Paella, Arroz Para Paella, Arroz A Banda, Negre, Arroz Rice, Gluten & Allergen Free
  • BALILA X SOLANA: Calasparra Paella Rice is of the Balila X Solana variety, comparable to the Bahia-Senia variety grown in Valencia, Spain.
  • IDEAL TEXTURE: Short grain that absorbs impressive volumes of liquid and retains a creamy consistency.
  • TASTE FROM THE SOURCE: Authentic rice makes the perfect choice for paellas and traditional rice dishes.
  • RIGOROUS STANDARDS: Our rice is non-GMO and certified gluten-free and allergen-free for highest quality.