A Dutch favorite, Wilhelmina peppermints are a long standing tradition. Dutch confectioner Fortuin was founded in 1842 and on the occasion of its 50th anniversary it created this brand of peppermints named after Queen Wilhelmina. These breath fresheners have since become a Dutch icon.

  • This beautiful box contains a very luxurious styled tablet containing the delightful taste of the Wilhelmina peppermint.
  • The convenient packaging the mint is perfect for traveling.
  • There are 24 packages of 3.5 oz (100 grams) in a box.
  • The first box Wilhelmina peppermint was presented to the Dutch Royal Family. It was so populair with the Royal Family, that Fortuin received the title Purveyor in 1896.
  • Until this day Fortuin is still Purveyor, and the Wilhelmina mints are still royally tasty and widely available.