Babies need a variety of stimulation throughout the day. Link-a-duos toys make it easy to switch baby's toys around frequently, enhancing baby's development with fresh new sights, sounds and textures to explore. Use links to attach toys to baby's play gym, swing, high chair or seat (keeping them right at baby's fingertips without them accidentally dropping out of reach.), or to baby's stroller, car seat or diaper bag (for take-along). This Link-a-Duos newborn gift set collection includes two linkable activity toys for baby, Musical Cow Tether and Farm Flip Book, plus 10 extra Link-a-duos links. Baby can press the Musical Cow Tether music button to hear a "moo" cow sound and a fun farm tune. Teeth able feet and colorful rattle beads help stimulate baby's senses, too. Farm Flip Book has chunky, easy-to-grasp-and-turn "pages," sized just right for little hands. Baby can discover interesting textures and 6 different animals with every "flip" of a page. Each toy comes with a Link-a-duos link, and the gift set collection includes 10 more links so you can turn more of baby's toys into linkable toys, too.

  • Includes two linkable first toys for baby, plus 10 more Link-a-doos links
  • Musical Cow Teether plays a farm tune and "moo" cow sounds, with teethable surfaces and colorful shake-and-rattle beads
  • Farm Flip Book has big, chunky pages, interesting textures and fun farm animals to discover
  • Use links to attach toys to baby's play gym or mat to offer a variety of fun and stimulation
  • Use links to attach toys to baby's high chair, swing, or bouncy seat, too, so toys don't drop out of baby's reach