Droste's Cocao powder is perfect for baking and drinking. If you're looking for that good old fashioned cup-a-hot chocolate or a cold glass of chocolate milk, this is the stuff. The contents of this package of truly the ultimate hot chocolate experience. Make something tasty: Mix two teaspoons of Droste Cocao powder, 2 heaping teaspoons of sugar in a cup or mug. Add enough water, milk or cream and stir till you make a paste. Add one cup of hot or cold milk and stir until mixed. For that extra kick, top with a marshmallow. This fine Dutch Cocoa is unsweetened and is suitable for drinks and baking. There are about 50 servings of hot cocoa drink. The confectionery business of Gerardus Johannes Droste was opened in Haarlem in the summer of 1863. Customers could buy a cup of waterchocolate and various types of candy, for example chocolate pastilles, officially called 'Pastilles Droste'. Droste established a grand reputation in these early years and as a result, the first Droste factory of the firm G.J. Droste opened its doors on August 2nd 1890. Since 1891 Droste had been able to allocate the complete chocolate process in-house. The cocoa beans were stored in the loft, while sales took place in the retail store. This continued until 1946. Because of a lack of room, the factory was relocated to the Noorder Buiten Spaarne in 1891. It was in this plant were the production of cocoa and chocolate started. This waterside location was very favorable for Droste, enabling the delivery of raw materials and the transport of finished products by boat.

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