Indulge in DeMet's Turtles Candy. They're an ideal way to celebrate life's little victories and a quick shortcut to your happy place. Rich, crunchy pecans are dipped in sweet, smooth milk chocolate. A chewy, gooey caramel center punctuates this time-honored recipe. Enjoy them with a cold glass of milk, a cup of coffee or your choice of beverage to complete a delightful snack. Available in a smaller, poppable size, they're an easy path to satisfying that sweet tooth. This DeMet's candy comes in a 60-count pack that's just right for sharing. Each is individually wrapped, which makes them a good treat for offices, gift baskets, wedding favors and more.

  • DeMet's original milk chocolate, caramel and pecan Turtles, now in miniature
  • Caramel nut clusters
  • 1.57 lbs of individually wrapped bite-size candy