Flavor:Mixed Fruit Drops Finally...A luxury indulgence for the senses in a fruit flavored hard candy! Enjoy a fruity indulgence and extraordinary flavors in a premium gold tin with Cavendish and Harvey hard candies. For over seventy years Cavendish and Harvey have created candies known for consistent taste enjoyment and constant high quality. Packaged in a resealable candy tin the candy drops are dusted with confectioner's sugar promise pure fruity joy down to the last candy. Natural fruit flavoring and colors are combined to create a unique candy drop that's imported from Germany. Featured Flavors: Sour Cherry Drops: Fruity cherry sweets with slight acidity that taste like they're fresh picked. Sour Lemon Drops: Fruity and sour lemon sweets are the perfect refresher for anytime. Mixed Fruit Drops: The classic fruit mix, with fine lemon, cherry, blackberry, apple and pear fruit candies. Orange Drops: Fruity drops that taste like sun-ripened oranges. Pear and Blackberry Drops: Fruity blackberry flavor meets smooth and sweet pear flavor. Wild Berry Drops: The delicious berry mix of fine raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. You order will include three 5.3 ounce tins in the flavor you select. Enjoy!

  • Enjoy premium fruit flavored hard candy in a delightful gold tin. Includes three 5.3 ounce tins in the flavor you select: Cherry, Lemon, Mixed Fruit, Orange, Pear & Blackberry and Wild Berry.
  • An ideal gift for the senses are Cavendish and Harvey fruit candy. Cavendish & Harvey is the premium brand for fruit candy drops and confectionery specialties.
  • Enjoy luxury candy drops with mouth caressing dents that are dusted with icing sugar and sealed for high quality freshness.
  • Imported candy from Germany that are the perfect treat for home, travel, office and more
  • Perfect to give as a gift for a person who loves gourmet candy especially with an international flavor!