Bonne Maman (Good Mom!) French Jam packs a big punch in a small package. All natural rhubarb jam straight from France will change your mind about what jam should be. Filled with fruit just like grandma used to make (or the jam you wish she’d make!), it’s free of any preservatives, artificial colors or chemical additives. It has just the right amount of tartness; toast some bread, add a little butter and spread the jam! Tired of sugary jellies that have 10% fruit? Bonne Maman French Rhubarb Jam has 50% rhubarb, made with brown cane sugar and concentrated lemon juice. A natural fruit pectin is added – and that’s all you’ll find in this jar of yummy jam. Bonne Maman · Rhubarb jam · 370g (13 oz) Copywriting created on Mar 22 2013 by Sara Le Panier Francais

  • You'll never go back to jelly after you've had this chunky, delicious and slightly tart jam
  • Made with 50% rhubarb, brown cane sugar and just the right amount of lemon juice!
  • No artificial chemicals, colors or preservatives
  • Bonne Maman (Good Mom) is the best French Jam producer, hands down
  • Made in France, Imported, Delicious