Bittermilk's old fashioned rouge is strong and bittersweet packed with licorice and spice. Wormword, fennel, and gentian root imply flavors of absinthe and bitters. A traditional coloring technique using cochineal, a red beetle from Peru gives this old fashioned it's rouge naturally. Aged in willett family reserve rye whiskey barrels. Works well with aged spirits.

  • Strong and bittersweet with licorice and spice
  • Ingredients: organic cane sugar, water, organic lemon peel, spices, wormwood, gentian root, tartaric acid, cochineal (red beetle)
  • Non-alcoholic handcrafted cocktail mixer, and bottled in Charleston, SC
  • Refrigerate after opening; best within 4 weeks of opening
  • Yields 16-17 average cocktails