Flavor:Irish Breakfast  |  Size:80 Count Barry’s Tea has a long established reputation and heritage as Ireland’s leading tea blenders. Barry's teas are selected from the best tea estates in the world, ensuring that you enjoy the perfect cup every time. The teas are sourced from the Assam Valley of India, Kenya and Rwanda, guaranteeing the distinctive Barry’s taste that the Irish have grown to know and love.

  • Teas are sourced from Kenya and the Assam Valley of India
  • A robust tea designed for any time of day, Barry's Irish Breakfast green blend is smooth and mild
  • We only select tea from the best tea estates in the world, so you get the perfect cup every single time
  • Our blenders are experts in their field and have carefully passed their knowledge and expertise down through generations
  • This means our quality is never anything but exceptional
  • We're proud of our tea; You can taste the pride in each and every cup