If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Annabelle Candy is sure to knock your socks off. A variety of fun products and flavors guarantees everyone will have a favorite. Unless you take them all and eat them yourself. Be careful: these awesome candy treats are so delectable, your shoes might be gone, too!

  • Rocky Road Dark Chocolate Handmade fluffy marshmallow coated with rich dark chocolate Topped w/ Seasalt & Cashews
  • If you love the rich flavor of Rocky Road ice cream, then you absolutely must try Annabelle's Rocky road candy bars!
  • This delicious treat consists of fluffy marshmallow and crunchy roasted cashews that are smothered in a satiny blanket of delectable dark chocolate. It doesn't have to be frozen and wont' give you an ice cream headache!
  • This old time classic is still made as fresh as ever and is a very popular retro candy bar.
  • Made in the USA